Are your pranks REALLY anonymous?

We get this question a lot and the answer is - YES - as long as you choose to send it anonymously.

Each prank that we offer can be sent with a custom message to your recipient. If you want your prank victim to know who sent it (Hey Mom, Happy Mothers Day, Enjoy this Dollar Dildo!), then simply put your name in the custom message.

If you prefer we send the prank completely anonymously, then don't leave your name in the custom message. You can still leave a custom message - we only put what you write. If you don't add a name, we don't either! That's it!

Some people worry that putting in their information when checking out will somehow link them to the prank, however there is nothing to worry about here.

1) We don't receive your credit card information - it's all processed through Shopify, which is where we host our website.

2) We don't ask for your shipping address - only the address to your prank victim, which is set on the product page before you add to your cart.

If you are REALLY worried, you can always use a digital gift card that you load with the funds to purchase your prank.

If you are wondering how to get a gift card for this purpose, you can head here and load one with the funds!