The Prank Panel Episode 3 Review

My new favorite show is back and I truthfully hope this show is picked up for a Simpsons amount of seasons. Jimmy Kimmel has struck gold producing this show. I could watch Johnny Knoxville conduct these pranks forever, it's like watching John Williams live at the Hollywood Bowl. 

The first Prankster came in with a great theme of pranking someone in that spirituality, psychic culture. Which you gotta believe is a susceptible victim. So the prankster, Angel, came in with a terrific subject to go and get got. Using the set up as a fortune teller is a great storytelling tool for the prank. I think the punchline, if you will, falls a bit short. But our victim was buying into everything... the prank did lack a bomb at the end but there was enough nuggets throughout to still work.

Their success is coming from the people they are finding to prank. They have obviously done their homework on their victims and Ellen, the second victim, is a character. The actors sell this elaborate bit so hard. With this kind of work, it's like big budget improv and everyone needs to be on the same page. 

I'm still in the camp of the contestant panel portion is a bit odd. Spending airtime on people they are just going to say no to, still feels like a waste of time. I think more behind the scenes of the inception of these pranks, maybe even a writers room camera could elevate the show.

I have to assume this show will be affected by the SAG-AFTRA / WGA strike. The actors performing the pranks are simply incredible at their craft and we are in full support of their strike... shows like this are only as good as its talent. The writing and acting in this show are at high level and I don't want their work to go unappreciated. 

Let us know if you like these reviews... we like to prop up others in the prank world. The hard work does not go unnoticed. 

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