How It Works

Sending a Mail Prank with

Step 1: Choose your Prank Mailer.

We have a collection of prank mailers that you can use to prank your friends and family. Visit our Collections page to pick the mail prank you want to send. Below are some of our most popular pranks.

List of Pranks available at

Step 2: Enter your prank victims shipping information.

Once your choose your prank, you then need to add the shipping information for the person you want to send the prank to. Also, you can select any add-ons you want such as glitter, a squishy micropenis, a man-thong. Lot's of fun options!

Step 3: Add to your cart and checkout!

Once you have set the shipping address and any custom message you would like to include (optional), click "Add to Cart" and checkout! It's really that simply. On checkout page we do not ask for your shipping address. We ship directly to your prank victim.

We do not include any information about you in the prank mailer - the process is completely anonymous unless you choose to leave your identity in the custom message.

Frequently Asked Questions

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