International Shipping Policy

We will ship your prank internationally as long as you include an add-on to your prank (like a micro ding-ding or feather) to help offset the cost of shipping while we work to open our international fulfillment and shipping centers.

If you would like to send a Dollar Dildo Club mail prank, please include at least a micro ding-ding or glitter add-on and we will be sure to ship your prank out.

Since we ship USPS First Class, we cannot add signature requirement on any international orders because USPS hands the package off to your local mail carrier once the package get through customs. IF you add signature tracking, we will ship it because you have satisfied the add-on requirement, however do note that the package will be delivered without signature requirement.

You are responsible to adhere to the local laws and ordinances of your international shipping address. If you are worried the prank may not adhere to the local laws, ordinances and policies of the shipping address you enter into our service, we recommend refraining from sending the prank.

Happy Pranking!