Behind the Scenes #2 - The Design of a Great Prank

When it comes to pranks, the saying the devil is in the details could not be more true. It's getting harder and harder to prank people. There are a lot of prank websites and services out there, but where What Prank stands out from the rest is our approach to designing an experience.

Each prank we offer has been meticulously planned to appear as real product. It may be completely ridiculous, but it's designed to make the person who is handling the mailer scratch their head and say "Huh?" We have all of our mailers custom printed directly on the bubble mailer. No stickers here - each mailer is custom designed and printed with high resolution graphics and top level polymailer printing technology.

Small details are critical when you set out to build an experience, and it's why we spend so much time focusing on them. We are here to help you execute a proper prank. For example, let's review one of our most understated pranks, the Male Breast Enhancement Clinics of America New Patient Welcome Packet.

Male Breast Enhancement Clinics of America - New Welcome Packet Prank

As we dig into the design, you will notice that we focused on a logo that could stand in line with other real medical clinics. The color scheme, font and abstract logo of breasts are designed to make the recipient - and anyone who sees it before they get it - say "WTF is this". We approach the design of our pranks the same way a product design team would approach a real product.

But one of the most critical details we apply to really add a realism factor to this prank is a security seal that we apply to the back of the mailer. This gives the impression that this mailer really may contain sensitive healthcare information.  

Security Seal - Male Breast Enhancement Clinics of America

Little details like this is why we get the reactions that we do. It's an understated detail, but it is critical in pulling together a prank. When you combine the quality of the mailer, the design and tagline, this really appears to be a genuine New Patient Welcome Packet. 

Our pranks are designed to appear almost too realistic, but that's exactly what we want. Anyone can slap a big picture of a dildo with Microsoft Clipart graphics to a sticker that gets applied to a basic box or envelop. We are designing experiences and we guarantee you will get the reaction you are looking for!