Shipping Delays, Staffing up and Fulfillment Timeline (06/29/22)

WhatFirst off, we want to apologize to anyone who had an extended wait for the shipment of your prank. We received a massive order search that our small team couldn't keep up with. We staffed up our fulfillment team this past week and are now caught back up on order fulfillment. 

If you are waiting on a tracking code, it should be now available. If you haven't received an automatic email, shoot us a message in our chat or an email at

We are SUPER excited by the reactions we have been getting from our pranks and now can confidently get all orders out within our target 24-48 hours so that your prank hits soon and on-time.

Anyone who experienced a shipment delay of 5-10 days will automatically be received a discount code to send another prank at a massive discount. We will get that out ASAP

Thanks again for all the orders and support! As a small business, we greatly appreciate it and are working hard to get the laughs out.