WhatPrank! Featured Reactions

The saying, it takes two to tango, holds true to the prank world. There is nothing worse than pulling a prank on someone who is just a disinterested dud. Your prank is only as good as your victims reaction. Luckily, here at WhatPrank! we have some incredible online reactions from victims that know how to take a joke. 

We have recently launched our reactions page! https://whatprank.com/pages/featured-reactions
If you have received a WhatPrank! mailer and you have an absurd reaction to share, we want to see it. On our instant submission page record or upload a video. Your tik-toks reels, and stories are all welcome!
On this page, record or upload a video of you reacting to your WhatPrank! mailer. Include your contact information because if we use your video on our various social channels or on our website, we will pay you with a cash reward.