Prank Idea #1 - Send an Embarrassing Mailer to the New Neighbors

For the first prank in our new Prank Idea series blog, we are going to go with the tried and true CLASSIC using our embarrassing mailers.

This prank is the Send an Embarrassing Mailer to the New Neighbors prank. If you have a friend who has recently moved into a new home or apartment and changed their address, this is the perfect opportunity to send them an embarrassing mailer prank.

Simply send them an embarrassing mailer using one of our hilarious but relatively realistic product mailers, and instead of having it delivered to their door, choose the house or apartment next door.

"Whoops! Looks like someone messed up your new address Neighbor! Here is your special delivery Hunk Bulker Male Enhancement Underwear"

Cue embarrassment and an EXCELLENT first impression. Once the initial embarrassment wears off, this is actually a great way to break the ice with a new neighbor and create a memorable first encounter.

So get to pranking! Do you have a friend who just moved? Send them one of our Embarrassing Mailers ($9.99 + Free Shipping!) and introduce them to the neighbors!

Here at What Prank! we love a good prank (obviously). This is our blog series where we will post our top prank ideas using our custom products. Use these blogs as inspiration when you need to prank someone in your life!

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