Prank Idea #2 - The Dead Animal Car Smell Prank

Ahhh, the good ol' smell prank. It's been around forever and never gets old. For this prank idea, we enlist our Bigfoot Booty Juice as the primary focus of the prank.

Grab your booty juice, and meet up with a friend. It's crucial here that you arrange it so that they drive and that you enter the car first or at the same time as your friend. This works best if you walk or drive over to their house, and you both leave together for your outing.

Once you get into the car, immediately, but secretly let off a single spray of our Bigfoot Booty Juice. This will send an overwhelmingly brutal sent of pure vile filth into their car. They key to this prank is that you need to acknowledge the smell and maintain your composure, because its gonna take some time to fully land this prank.

They key is to get your friend to think that some sort of animal has crawled up in their air vents and died. You may need to continue to let off small bursts of the Bigfoot Booty Juice to keep the smell up and fresh.

Continue to plant ideas in their mind like:

"Man, did something crawl up in your vents and die?"

"Geez, it smells like you hit something and it got stuck and died under your car."

"Phew, did you let your dog in the car recently? Did it leak some nasty ass juice out on your seats?"

"Dang, have you washed your pants lately? This is brutal!"

All throughout this process, maintain your composure and let them squirm at the thought of tearing their dash apart to find the dead mouse that's crawled up in there!

And remember, if your friend asks if this is a prank, say "What Prank?"

Here at What Prank! we love a good prank (obviously). This is our blog series where we will post our top prank ideas using our custom products. Use these blogs as inspiration when you need to prank someone in your life!

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