Prank Idea #3 - The Prank Your Husband With a Thong Prank

Prank Idea - Male Enhancement Underwear Male Prank

Ok ladies - this one is for you. There is always room to "spice up" the bedroom, and this prank takes some time to setup. We are going to leverage our Embarrassing Mailer with our Hunk Bulker Exterior Package and our Man Thong add-on to pull off this prank.

First off, start planting seeds in your boyfriend or husbands mind that you want to spice it up the bedroom a little bit. Drop subtle hints that you are looking at a few things to make it a little more adventurous. Ideally, you are going to want to do this over 1-2 weeks, with references here or there.

Then - swing on over to and order your partner our Hunk Bulker Premium Mail Enhancement Underwear Embarrassing Mailer with optional Man Thong add-on.

When it arrives in the mail, be sure to explain to him that you've always wanted to see him in some sexy underwear and this was the perfect fit! The look on his face when he sees the Hunk Bulker Mailer, opens it and reveals the Man Thong will be PRICELESS!

Send the Hunk Bulker Mail Prank Idea today!

Here at What Prank! we love a good prank (obviously). This is our blog series where we will post our top prank ideas using our custom products. Use these blogs as inspiration when you need to prank someone in your life!

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