Prank Idea #4 - Send your New Brother in-Law a Male Breast Enhancement Welcome Packet

One of our favorite pranks that seems all too believable is our "Male Breast Enhancement New Patient Welcome Package".


Prank Idea  - Mail Prank

This mailer comes from the "Male Breast Enhancement Clinics of America" and has the tagline "Every Journey has a Beginning - this is Yours". 

Right off the bat, this mailer stands out as professional and something you would actually receive from a healthcare clinic. The double take happens when you look at the logo and read in more closely!

When you turn over the mailer, it is sealed with a security seal to make it seem extra important and private. Inside is an envelope that contains the notice that they have been pranked.


Prank Idea  - Mail Prank Label


Send a Male Breast Enhancement Prank today!


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