Prank Idea #7 - The Vacation Panty Sniffer

Anonymous Mail Prank - Panty Sniffers - Prank Idea for Vacation

In today's world, what is better than going on vacation to a slammin' airbnb by the beach and chillin' for a week, forgetting the rest of the world's problems? Well, if you are a panty sniffer, have a fresh pair delivered right to your door in the middle of that vacation is MINT vacation status.

That's why we LOVE to see when our customers have our prank mailers delivered to their airbnb on vacation to prank one of their buddies or family members.

The beautiful thing about this prank is that you are going to be there to witness the deliver and reaction in all its glory. 

One of the BEST pranks for this vacation style prank is our Panty Inhalers prank with the optional add-on real man thong hanging out the side of the package.

You see, when this shows up, panties hanging out the side and all, the reactions are truly EPIC. Confusion, embarrassment, anger, laughter - usually a combination of all.

Arrange a deliver on your next friends or family vacation so you can witness the prank in ALL ITS GLORY!

Here is a link to our Panty Inhalers Prank with the ad-on man thong, a personal favorite:

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