Prank Panel Episode 5 Review

Begun, the prank war has. Episode 5 starts out electric.


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The Johnny Knoxville vs. Eric Andre prank war has started. I've seen in loads of interviews from Eric Andre saying he almost quit this show... you can see why in this episode. They are absolutely brutal to each other. Using a taser on one another is goblin behavior and Johnny Knoxville looks impervious. We aren't on the Jackass level yet of the players sleeping with one eye open, but we are on broadcast television. This show is Jackass for the entire family and not just degenerate 20 somethings. 

Our first mark is Jaiszemeine, a stylist dealing with influencers from hell. This is an Eric episode and he is fire on this episode. It's interesting to see primetime TV Eric Andre, he's a bit more reserved but still a pros pro. I love a work related prank... there's really no way out for the mark and nonsense just keeps happening. 

A woman attempts to prank her chocolate milk-loving friend? Now this kind of failed prank idea I can get behind. It's so bad it's good... the previous episodes had a mean spirit to the denied pranks. With this awful prank we all could agree on its absurdity. 

Again Eric is firing on this episode, when the contestant, Leo from Rio enters, he correctly points out that this guy has gotta be a Fred Armisen character. They prank Leo from Rio's husband by convincing him that he has a second family. They frame the prank with Gabby as a fake daytime talk show host and use it to 'expose' Leo's second family. This is an incredible prank. Our mark, Thomas, is bugging throughout the absurdity. Shout out to Gabby's performance... she brings down the house.  It is probably the best prank they've pulled off. Five stars. 

Great episode Prank Panel... keep it up. Check out all the episodes on Hulu!

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