Prank Panel Episode 6 Review

We open episode 6 on a pitch from my guy, Turtle... Incredible character wish he got a little more time on this episode. Just off the wall with hilarious one-liners. I would have loved if they could've used him more. 

I really appreciate how honest this show is with the viewer. They show its failures and mistakes. They lose their first Mark immediately. It's nice we get to see when pranks go wrong. Gabby and Johnny get to head this first prank and when it finally gets rolling the players/cast really take over. This kid being fed Johnny Knoxville lines deserves an Emmy. I think the absurdist take near the end is funny to me but I don't know if that angle will work for everyone. 

For the second prank of the episode, the banter between the pitchers and the panelists is combative to say the least... and it bites the pitchers in the ass because Gabby wants revenge. Now, I love these kind of bits... the uno reverse of pranks. This prank stands out. 

The next next episode comes out on the 18th so I will get that review up when it drops. Thanks for reading. 


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