Prank Panel Episode 7 Review

The Prank Panel is back... so is our review, which might be less exciting. 

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Even though there may be a famous 90s sitcom guest star... the standout in this episode for me is cast/crew member Tony Barbieri. He's got such strong comedic chops in both the cold open and in the first prank. I mean this guy kept his mark convinced she had a worm in her knee while talking about celebrity bowel movements and rattled off fake body bugs. Incredible work from Tony in this episode. The secondary cast and crew keeps impressing me more and more.

This is probably the strongest episode of the show. No failed pranks... no shutting down weird pitch ideas, and John Stamos is here to legitimize an elaborate pageant prank. We have 5-6 marks in this prank and there are some great moments. 

Kudos to Stamos in this episode... he put on his best James Marsden in Jury Duty for this episode. 

All in all, another great episode. I'm curious to see if future episode will be affected by the writers / actors strike.


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