Prank Panel Season Finale Review

Now that the WGA strike is over, we at will be patiently waiting for the announcement of season 2 of The Prank Panel. 

Everyone's favorite Psychotic Shark Tank is wrapping up its first season and I am happy to have been watching and reviewing through all of it. 

They have had failed pranks on the show before but it really justifies both the reality and the effort they put into the creation of these schemes when they are forced to adapt. Our first prank has a perfect Mark... her genuine attempts to help make for great TV. Gabby's excitement throughout this prank really shows her commitment to this "fake bride" idea. It was nice to see Gabby get a win. 

And for the final prank of the season we finally get some Furry representation. I mean what a perfect way to end this ridiculousness. The ol' reverse victim trick... you can always tell when they are going to prank the person who is pitching the idea when their self-awareness is at a minimum and they are incredibly outgoing.  

Hopefully season two is already in the works and the entire panel / cast is back for more nonsense. Great show 10/10. The more pranks the better. 

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