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         Folks, I just finished the first two episodes of The Prank Panel on ABC and I’m happy to report its fucking awesome. The show is essentially Shark Tank meets Jackass and it is exactly what primetime television has needed. It is made for you psycho WhatPrankers. You have Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre, and Gabourey Sidibe, they are your punk rock versions of Mark Cuban and those other mean mugging dream crushers. The laughs do not stop in these first two episodes, it is absolutely worth your time to give this show a watch.

            The show is at its best when it lifts the curtain a little bit on these elaborately designed pranks. They educate you on what it means to be a ‘mark’, the hidden cameras, you can really see the amount of work the crew has to accomplish. You as an audience member feel like you are in on the bit, and that’s a testament to the creators.

           Admittedly, episode two is superior to the first… but for a show to find its stride in episode two, what more can you ask for? The show realized it’s much better to be a part of the pranks than to be on the panel listening to someone explain a prank. The pitch format is still being played with and they will need to find that balance in the future…. But seeing Jackass alum Rachel Wolfson taze herself and harass the contestants was the highlight of those scenes, more Rachel please.

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           You can just tell Johnny Knoxville is an absolute master at bringing these people together for some well-orchestrated chaos. Having Knoxville and Eric Andre is like having two members of Prank Mount Rushmore. The show hasn’t given much to Gabourey Sidibe yet but I’m looking forward to seeing more from her. In episode two, Nick Rutherford makes an outstanding appearance as the shitty boyfriend… love when that guy pops up in things, check out Good Neighbor on YouTube… his skits were on repeat in college for me. 

            Look it, at a time when primetime television is abysmal, it’s nice to have a show that goes the extra mile to make you laugh. The show releases on Hulu and on ABC, its worth seeking out. Our world is due to laugh a bit more with each other. They release new episodes Sunday at 8.

           Peace, WhatPrankers. Check the store to get in on some prank action!

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