Our Story

How does our anonymous prank service work?

I built https://whatprank.com in an honest bid to prank my friends.

I’ve always been a huge fan of believable but slightly crazy pranks that as an outside observer you can sit back and enjoy the fireworks. WhatPrank.com was my grand idea.

The goal is to be able to send highly believable but outrageously embarrassing, non-discrete brands printed beautifully on nice bubble polymailers.

The unsuspecting prank victim will receive the prank in the mail and be highly confused and embarrassed (or angry - depending on the person and the prank.)

Inside of the prank mailer will be some sort of believable item or simulation of an item that matches the prank mailer.

For example, with our Dollar Dildo Club, we mail a hard cardboard roll (think paper towel or toilet paper, but harder) wrapped in a “You’ve Been Pranked!” Insert.

For our Joe Biden Fan Club and Donald Trump Fan Club Pranks, we add and envelope inside with a sticker receipt on the front confirming their reoccurring donation to the respective club.

This does two things - anyone who handles the package is going to be convinced it’s real. And anyone who receives the package is going to be highly embarrassed and confused.

I can attest to the realism based on a conversation with the mailman that picks up from our office outgoing mail box. Before I had a chands to warn him about all of the outgoing mailers, he told me that we were the talk of the local post office. Everyone at the officr thought these were real products and would laight uncontrollably anytime they saw our packages come through the post office!

When we ship your prank, it comes with a generic “fulfillment services” return address so it looks like any other shipping company handling bulk product mail. Your name is no where on the package or accessible through the tracking. 

If you choose, you can leave a note on checkout which will be added to our online messages lookup service where a prank victim can put in their address and see if their prankster left them a message.

This is a cross-post from our What Prank Reddit community: https://reddit.com/r/whatprank