5 Best April Fools' Day Prank Ideas

The real holiday season is here.

It is never too early to start plotting April Fools Day pranks and WhatPrank is here to help get those wheels turning. We are going to go beyond the classics like plastic wrap on the toilet or the whoopee cushion... it is 2024 and is time to adapt to the times, old man. 

1) Remember that video of the car driving through the quaint little valley and then a big scary monster pops out? No? This one. 


Ahhhhh I friggin got you, dude! We don't get Rick Roll'd or Rick Roll others nearly enough. Thats why we are bringing it back. So, yeah the number 1 prank is to Rick Roll; someone. 

2) Shameless self promotion time. Send one of our mailers. Pre-order a mail prank delivered to your victims door anonymously. Imagine the mailman needing your Uncle's signature at his doorstep for this package. 


If you use the promo code PREAPRILFOOLS before March 8th you will get 20% off your ENTIRE order. Head over to our store and pick out your favorite. 

3) Oh you want more ideas? What am I supposed to tuck you in tonight too? No you get the Rick Roll idea and our prank mailer. That's it. This is clickbait after all. 

4) Watch the Zoey 101 reunion movie as a prank. 

5) Use promo code PREAPRILFOOLS before March 8th for 20 % off your order--- wait I already did that. Pretty soon AI is going to take over my job. 

BONUS: 6) I am tragically out of ideas, my wife left me and I have to stay with my cousin Scott who literally only eats Swedish fish. I didn't think he was THAT kind of a pescatarian.

Stay tuned for a weekly blog post designed to get internet wanderers to click!


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