2024: The Year of the Prank

The holidays are over and a new year is upon us. It is time to hone our focus in on our goals to better ourselves. Maybe you want to shed a few pounds, reconnect with old friends, or quit hitting dabs in an attic with Mikey S. who has been collecting unemployment since 2020. We have your back for both the easy goals and the lofty ones. There is one universal goal that will strengthen relationships. 

Start a prank war.

The ultimate tone setter for the year. Get ahead of April Fool's day and get those pranks started now. There are so many relationships that can blossom with a simple, anonymous Booty Buddy mailer (for example). 

I've put together a list of scenarios that will improve friendships in 2024. 

  • Send one to your son or daughter's dorm room. Imagine the RA telling your child that there is a Booty Buddy in the mail room waiting for them. Immediately helps them find friends with a great sense of  humor.
  • Do you have a grandparent or parent in need of a laugh? Send it to their retirement home. Grandma expecting a nice, wholesome care package but instead is hit with a Second Hand Sex Toy mailer with her name on the front. 
  • We all have that Uncle, Step-Dad, or cousin that spends far too much time on Facebook and has fully radicalized themselves politically. Maybe your relationship is a bit estranged because of it. Well, send them a Trump or Biden Fan club package for a good laugh (hopefully). 
  • Influencers. Do you have a favorite podcast that accepts fan mail? Send your most listened a Porn Addicts Anonymous package. Maybe it shows up on the show. 

Our pranks bring people together even if you are far apart. If you've read this far I'm even going to drop a New Year Promo for you, ending on the 10th of January. Get out there and get pranking. 

use PROMO CODE: 2024PRNKS for 10% off mailer orders until January 10th.

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