Explaining the Joke: The Booty Buddy

With this blog series, 'Explaining the Joke', we will be doing deep dives into the layers of our hilarious mailers over on What Prank.
The Booty Buddy (as seen on TV) is everyone's favorite little pal. Everyone needs a BFF and trust us there is no better friend than the Booty Buddy.
"We've mastered Booty technology..." is my favorite line on the insert inside the mailer. Take a look at what comes with your purchase.
Our inserts add an extra layer to pranking your friend. Whether they are embarrassed or disappointed they didn't actually receive a brand spanking new butt plug, it's a guaranteed laugh. Adding the rubber micropenis is fantastic, adding the glitter is an absolute pro move, adding both is elite.
Here is a link to the Booty Buddy itself --> https://whatprank.com/products/bootybuddy-mail-prank 

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