Forget Flowers for Mother's Day, We Prankin'!

We love Moms, we think they deserve more than just one day...

That's why to get back at society's annexation of appreciation towards our mom's we are sending them embarrassing packages for Mother's Day.

Maternal celebration change starts with you. 

You've sent Mom flowers, cheesy hallmark cards, and chocolates, but... have you sent her our finest Booty Buddy?

Here's what she received. 


BootyBuddy Mail Prank |  | Mail Prank | What Prank

After an awkward encounter with the mailman and her name plastered on the front, the Booty Buddy was safely in Mom's hands. Shop for more of our insane prank mailers for Mother's Day

Don't call your mother this year. Prank her. - WHATPRANK.COM 


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