Giveaway Winner Announced

Good morning prank gang. Can we get a drumroll for the best prank shared? No, we can’t? Okay. 

Here is your first WhatPrank giveaway winner!

It was the week before fathers day, I thought that buying a prank mailer from Whatprank! Would be the perfect opportunity to prank my friend who’s a father. Let’s call him Dan

So I bought Dan the panty inhaler mailer. Including the thong was a bit pricey, so I didn’t go with it, but I deeply regretted it. I waited the whole weekend for Dan to message me about how much he hates me.

I got a call from Dan the day after Father’s day telling me he hates me and that it was a really good prank. Dan said that his son was the one that answered the door to recieve the mail. It needed a signature so his son went to get tell him that he has mail that needs to be signed for. Dan greeted the mailman and signed for it but was confused as to why his mailman wasn’t being talkative like he usually is. Dan saw what he signed for and couldn’t even look at the mailman in the eyes. Brought in the package, made eye contact with his son and can see that his son was quietly judging him. Dan just told his son it’s not what he thinks it is. Dan wore some gloves, grabbed a knife and walked out to the backyard to investigate what was in the package. On his way out, his mom asked him what package he recieved, he said he was going to find out. Dan cuts open the package to find the card and is livid.

This next part is the best and is what made this prank worth every penny.

Dan hits up ALL and I say ALL of his friends, sends them a picture of the prank and asks them if they pranked him. No one admitted to it. One friend even said was upset that he didn’t think of this prank first.

I was only expecting his mom and son to see, but everyone knows. It would’ve been better if I bought the panties. Next prank I buy, I will buy those extra items just to go the extra mile.

I wish I was on Dan's text thread. Amazing. Well you don't need to worry about having to buy the panties because you won one free mailer from our store!

If the winner could send an email over to we can discuss your next victim, and which mailer you want to hit them with. 

See you next week! 

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