Need a Father's Day Gift? We've Got You Covered!

It's time to celebrate your father. Are you struggling with what to him? Let's talk through it. 
Dad doesn't need another tie, nobody even wears ties anymore.
Pops doesn't want some coffee mug that says #1 Dad, get off of Etsy and take a walk.
A birdhouse? You wanna get him a birdhouse? Your Dad hates free loaders and Birdhouses are just squatters that shit on your car. 
WhatPrank knows what Daddy needs... Get your mind out of the gutter.
Dad needs a laugh so let's send him some anonymous prank mail!
You can add gag gifts, personal messages, and glitter to each prank. Another pro-tip is to add the "required signature" to ensure an awkward social interaction with the mail carrier.
We've got pranks for all dads.
Is your dad into politics? Does he watch MSNBC or Fox News? 

Does Dad need a friend? Maybe a new Buddy?
BootyBuddy Mail Prank |  | Mail Prank | What Prank

Send him some pranks from our store this year. 

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