Prank Ideas

        Good morning prank babies. While we sift through your hysterical stories we’d like to take a minute to share some harmless quick hit pranks to pull on your people. Our giveaway ends next week Friday, 7/21. Keep your prank stories coming! Send them over to

       Pranks don’t need to be done on April Fool’s day, folks. Like real hustler's, pranks don’t sleep. Here's an off the cuff list to start your weekend.

  • Replace home photos of yourself with clip out stickers of Danny Devito. See how long it takes your mother to notice. 
  • Get a bunch of people to text a friend “Happy Birthday” when it is absolutely not their Birthday. Confusion ensues, this works especially if they do not have social media. 
  • Text or call your long distance friend you that you are outside of their place. Create a momentary panic as they look out their window.
  • Bring whoopie cushions back. If that's too old school for you, use sound effects on your phone. Adapt or die, keep fake farts alive.
  • Prank Calls deserve a comeback. *67 is still your friend and still hilarious. Call a friend, tell them you are John or Jenny at Trader Joes and that they left their credit card there.
  • Slowly put little packets of butter in your coworker’s desk / roommates bed until they notice and start questioning reality. Finally, put a full stick of butter in their desk drawer. 
  • Rubber snakes / mice work on specific people. Go to your local five and dime, pick up a fake snake. 
  • Air horns are hilarious and loud. Put it under a computer chair. Read the room, scare the elderly. 
  • I've seen some weird food pranks, don't waste food, guys. Waste plastic, it's better for the environment.


Our giveaway ends next week Friday, 7/21. Keep your prank stories coming! Send them over to

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