Prank Spotlight: The Prank Call

Folks, *67 still works! The cops use it every time they need to get ahold of me. 

Let's take a second to shine the spotlight on the prank call...

There was a time when the prank call was the best way to spend a Friday night. You just pull out the phone book, hit *67, spin that voice a bit... and you have comedy gold. When well executed, playing the right character with a fun POV, the prank call is elite.  

I remember being in middle school and having the time of my life calling random numbers with my buddies. We'd use a hometown phonebook and pick a random name. We'd tell people we were coming to install a pool tomorrow, when you get people with real enough events you can get them to stay on the line forever. People ate it up. 

There was a weekend in grad school that I was super depressed, early, lonely nights in a new place... what gave me comfort was the prank call. I looked up a Trader Joe's close to where my friend lived and told him we had found his bank card... ran with it for about ten-fifteen minutes. He had no idea it was me. Just the best. 

The opening of the movie Funny People opens on a real Adam Sandler prank call that just has me in stitches every time. 

Adam Sandler's Prank Call-Funny People Intro - YouTube 

These young youtubers will never know the power of an anonymous prank call. Maybe they will and I'm just out of touch. 

I'd like to see a come back for the prank call. 

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