Pranking NYC Foodies

There is something so wholesome about a long form prank. The commitment, dedication, and just overall intention brings such a rewarding feeling. I especially love a prank that doesn't have any particular target... just prankin' the pretentious public. 

Let's get to it. Mehran's Steak House is a revolutionary steak experience in NYC and if you want to go you won't get in for like 6 months to a year... check out their Instagram.

Sign up and get a table... only don't because it's not real. This group of friends wrote a bunch of fake reviews bolstering this steak house up as the next big thing. They put together a one night only dinner for their email list and it was absolutely ridiculous. They only offered three different wines or milk. They charged $114 for a four course meal (nice change)... the creators had fake proposals, fake Drake fans outside to bolster the illusion... guests started to realize it was fake but just getting their butts in the seats is hilarious. 

We live in a wild time where you can just trust the internet because there are reviews for it. I respect a prank that brings extra layers.

I will link the tik tok that I discovered this from. Rad work Mehran's Steak House, keep pranking dudes.

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