Safe For Work Prank Mail

"Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer from it each year." - Dwight Shrute, The Office 

We aren't here to take the joke as far as identity theft or even putting a stapler in Jello. We are just looking for some safe for work prank mail. 

Everyone loves a good Office Prank... and sometimes you need one to keep chugging along. We've done studies at here, pranks boost employee productivity 95% per half hour. Our analytics guys crunched those numbers. Pranks keep morale alive and the moods of your coworkers absolutely affect the environment. 

If you are someone who isn't is looking for the overt sexual innuendos or likes to play the politics game... we have just the mailers for you. 

I've compiled a few of our most innocent mailers that you should send to your ignorant coworker to get a good laugh...

The Fart Cloak.
Anal Itch Be Gone.
Anal Glide. 
Stench Quencher. 
North American Council for Unkempt Lawns.

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