Share Your 'What Prank' Stories!

About a year or so we asked you to share your prank stories and we got some hilarious tales of your personal prank history.

Now, we ask again, but this time we want your What Prank specific stories... 

We are offering one free mailer ($30 VALUE) to the best story shared.

If you have been a customer (or a victim) in the past we want to hear your side of the prank. Whether you write a comment on this blog, tag us in a video of tik-tok or instagram, or if you'd like to remain anonymous shoot us a DM or email! We will be looking at all stories and sharing our favorites. 

The winner receives one free mailer that can be sent to anyone of their choosing. 

The contest closes at 11:59 on January 31st. 

Instagram: @whatprank

Tik-Tok: @whatpranks


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