They Are Canceling Halloween.

It's always treat and never trick. What is up with that? Have we gone soft as a society? Are we stuck in this perpetual loop of always choosing truth instead of dare? 

Halloween used to mean something. Mischief and pranks were at the forefront of this holiday at a time. People used to get arrested on Halloween... now they dress up as cops. This 'if you can't beat em, join em' mentality is exactly what they want from us.

We are enticed with this idea of treat as 'free candy' but I see it for what it truly is... a handout. Society wants to get you all docile so you go door to door for your sweet treats at a young age. Open your minds to the greater metaphor people! We are virgins being lead to the sacrifice. 

Now Halloween is some commercialized party where you dress up as Hollywood's most elite... Barbie, Ken, and Guy Fieri. They are always trying to sell you something in this messed up world. Not us here at where we prank your friends and family anonymously with realistic prank mail. Check out our store and look out for discount codes through our mailing list!

In reality, the trick is on us and we are doing nothing to treat it. Think about that. Think 'bout it...

This is almost as bad as the war on Christmas except this is actually real.

Thanks a lot, Biden or Tump (whoever you, the reader, hates more)

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