UPCOMING: Prank Friday Deal

It’s the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, you are scooping whipped cream onto your pumpkin pie for breakfast. You think back to dinner the night before, you held your tongue when your drunk aunt or uncle was solving the world’s pollical problems. You get an email from WhatPrank.com, in the email is a 50% (!!!) discount code. Time to anonymously prank your family members before Christmas.

50 % off!

That’s right! We are running a 50% DISCOUNT on all items in our store on Black Friday. Be on the lookout for an email code being sent out to all subscribers.


Prank mail is a great way to anonymously mess with your family and friends. Whether you get them with the Joe Biden or Donald Trump Fan Club or you simply want to make their relationship with the mail carrier incredibly awkward with a Second Hand Sex Toys package, we fully support you.

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