Using GPT For April Fools Day Ideas

AI is the Harry Styles of online tools, cool, hip, but at the end of the day still a tool. We set out to ask ChatGPT to give us a list of April Fools Day ideas.

NOTE: will be providing honest commentary under each idea in italics. (known for anonymous prank mail like this...)

Okay let's see what GPT had to say!

  1. The Fake Bug Invasion: Place some realistic-looking fake bugs (like plastic cockroaches or spiders) in unexpected places like desks, drawers, or under toilet seats. Watch as your friends and family freak out!

Okay this idea only works for me if it is actually bugs... don't people feed crickets to their lizards or some shit? Get a fresh pack of crickets and open in that bad boy in your grandma's honda civic. 

2. The Mysterious Office Item Swap: In an office setting, subtly swap common items on coworkers' desks, like pens, staplers, or mouse pads. See how long it takes for them to notice the switch!

Boo. This is lame. Ohhhh look I got your mouse pad. This is middle school flirting not pranking... NEXT. 

3. The Oreo Toothpaste Trick: Carefully remove the cream from some Oreo cookies and replace it with toothpaste. Offer them to friends and family, but be ready for their surprised reactions when they take a bite!

While the concept has some potential the practicality is way off. You think you can cleanly break apart enough Oreo cookies to make this look legit? I challenge you to attempt this.

4. The Keyboard Switcheroo: Swap the keys on someone's keyboard around when they're not looking. It'll drive them crazy trying to figure out why their typing suddenly seems so off!

First of all, that's the wrong use of 'their' you idiot computer. Also, no one has keys that switch out anymore, we aren't using Windows 5 anymore, GPT. Plus this is so dumb.

5. The Mysterious Voice Assistant: If someone in your household uses voice-activated assistants like Alexa or Google Home, secretly program it to respond to silly commands or speak in a funny accent for the day.

This is absolutely not a prank. This is what people with Alexa's do as entertainment. Maybe you could fool a 90 year old with this but I don't know many 90 year old's using Alexa.

6.The Balloon Avalanche: Tape a trash bag or plastic sheet filled with balloons against a door frame so that when someone opens the door, they'll be greeted with an avalanche of balloons tumbling down on them.

ah oh no balloons... ChatGPT is really disappointing me, guys. These do read as one of those shitty click bait articles. Just go to our store and anonymously send mail pranks. Way funnier and less time consuming. 

7.The Jello Mold Surprise: Prepare a bowl of Jello, but instead of serving it in a regular bowl, pour it into a clean and empty mayonnaise or ketchup container. Watch the confusion on your friends' faces when they try to scoop out some condiment and get a wobbly surprise instead!

So does ChatGPT just get all their jokes from their computer systems rewatching old office episodes? Wow maybe AI is just like me. 

8.The Suspicious Spill: "Accidentally" spill some water (or a harmless liquid) on someone's desk or laptop, then act concerned and try to help clean it up. Watch as they panic, only to realize it's just a harmless prank.

What? I mean what the fuck are we doing here? This is a prank. 

9.The Fake Phone Call: Program your phone to ring at a specific time, then set it to play a recording of a funny or embarrassing conversation. Pretend it's a real call and watch your friends' reactions as they overhear the conversation.

Okay there might be something to this... its vague enough where humans could actually maybe come up something funny. Let's ask it what the content of that conversation would say:

The Lost Pet Owner: Create a fake call from someone claiming to have found your "missing pet." Have the recording play out a scenario where the caller describes your pet in absurd or humorous ways, such as, "I found your pet goldfish. It's wearing a tiny snorkel and swimming laps in my bathtub." React with disbelief and amusement as you try to make sense of the caller's description.

I was wrong. ChatGPT ain't got shit.

10.The Non-Stop Office Supplies: Fill a coworker's desk drawers with an excessive amount of office supplies like pens, sticky notes, and paper clips. It'll be amusing to see their reaction when they try to open a drawer and it's overflowing with supplies!

JEEZ they are really stuck on this office supplies thing. "oh no what are these paper clips doing in here!" this is dumb. 

Remember, the key to a good prank is to keep it harmless and ensure that everyone can laugh about it afterward! Always consider the feelings and sensibilities of others before pulling off a prank.

Humanity-1,  AI-0 ... folks, this was a mistake. Let's leave the pranks to humans. We strongly encourage you to hit up our website for all your April Fools Needs.

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