Weekly Prank Blog is Moving!


My pranksters, we are shifting our weekly blog drop from Friday to Tuesday... 

Turns out people don't read anything at all on Fridays. That's just what the analytics say and I'm an analytics guy. Numbers, numbers, numbers. 

I wanted to share with you what we have coming up on these weekly blogs...

On 8/1... I do a deep dive into Pranks in Media... Buster Keaton, Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre... we go into this idea of punk rock media. 

8/8... the first of our SPOTLIGHT series... the second Tuesday of every month we will put a spotlight on a classic prank. Our first is on Prank Calls. 

8/15... EXPLAINING THE JOKE. Panty Inhaler Mailer. A deep dive into WhatPrank! products.  

8/22... Prank Reactions... We get tons of great reactions sent to us, we want to showcase that.  

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