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So did Dad set her up or was it one of Dad's friends pranking him? 😂😂😂

So did Dad set her up or was it one of Dad's friends pranking him?

One of our favorite prank reactions for the month of May 2022 was posted on Reddit by a user who was asked to go pick up mail at their local post office by their Dad. After, we saw the post, we reached out to her to get her story and how it played out!

Before her dad left for work, he asked her to go get a package that was at the post office because they missed the delivery.

This family has an agreement setup with their local postman to not leave packages outside of their door when they aren't home because of issues with stolen packages in the past.

When she arrived at the post office, she brought her missed delivery slip and handed it to the postal worker at the counter.

As the postal worker headed to the back to retrieve the package, she heard loud laughter from the back. At the time, she didn't think anything  of it - UNTIL the postal worker returned and handed her the package.

As she looked at the mailer, she immediately said I think this is a mistake, we didn't order this. The postal worker confirmed the address on the label as her Father, and she slowly sunk into a shell standing there at the counter! She signed for the package and left, hiding it close to her body, the floral thong string slightly hanging out of the top!

When she got to the car, she snapped a picture and sent it to her Mom and posted it to Reddit.

Reddit's reaction was hilarious and pointed her to the fact that this was a prank and either one of her dad's friends was pulling a prank on him, or it was her DAD who was behind the prank all along.

When her mom saw the picture, she immediately suspected that Dad was the one who set this all up!

After advice from Reddit, she decided to "play dumb" and see if her Dad asked about the package.

When her dad got home from work, she was on the couch watching Netflix. He first asked how her day was, and immediately followed up with a question about the package. 

She looked over at Dad, and he COULD NOT CONTROL THE LAUGHTER. He was giddy with excitement and she KNEW at that moment that it was him who set her up.

Once Dad realized the prank was a success, he fell to the floor laughing all while she threw pillows at him from across the room.

This is Next-Level Dad Jokes, and we are here for it!

We love to see our prank mailers used to create joy and laughter and there is nothing better than a next-level dad joke like this. 

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