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He got pranked AT WORK! Who sent it? 😂😂😂

So did Dad set her up or was it one of Dad's friends pranking him?

One of our favorite prank reactions for the month of May 2022 was posted on Reddit by a user who had one of our prank mailers sent to him AT WORK. It's hilarious, and how it all went down is even funnier! Read on for his take.

It seemed like a normal day at work - or, so he thought!

The original poster works in a financial services office for a large firm based out of the United States. When you need to use the restroom, you leave your suite and head to shared bathrooms for other businesses in the complex. On his way back into the office, he passed by the office secretary.

It's the office secretary's job to receive and hand out incoming mail.

As the prank victim describes it, she called him over to her desk as he was walking by. Without saying anything other than "You have mail", she handed him our Dollar Dildo Club Mailer!

Completely shocked, all he could muster out was "Thank You" before hurrying back to his desk.

As you can see, we take great effort to make this prank as realistic as possible. Inside of the mailer we pack an extra-hard cardboard roll, that when handled, feels like there is a real dildo inside.

For the first 3 months that we sold this prank, our postal worker thought we were really selling dildos!

When he got back to his desk, the ultimate cringe factor set in.

It finally sunk in what he was holding. He quickly scanned his brain to think - "Did I order this?" Maybe it was a mistake - he ordered something on Amazon and the wrong package was sent? 

He needed to see what was inside, so he quietly opened the package, sweat from the stress of his predictament falling down his face. Once opened, he realized the truth. IT WAS A PRANK! He visited our custom online messages lookup service, but his pranker didn't leave him a message.

Reddit had an absolute field day with this.

He finally found out that one of his good buddies sent it to him.

Before working in financial services, the prank victim was in the military and has a very close knit group of friends who have a great sense of humor and absolutely no shame. 

He did get around to explaining the prank to the secretary to let her know he didnt really order a dollar dildo. She may not have totally believed him, but it gave him some peace of mind!

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