Not Safe For Work Prank Mail

Now that we've covered the PG pranks on our last blog... farts, butts, lawn care, etc. ( Read that blog here --> )

It's time to cover our not so safe for work prank mail. This is the kind of mail you send to your victims house, not their office. 

These are the pranks designed for awkward embarrassment... the kind of mail no one is expecting and you run into your house and look over your shoulder after you check your mailbox.

These are our best sellers... sex sells, who knew? I picked out a couple of my favorite prank mailers that you can find right on our website.

Only Mail
Check out the hilarious insert your victim will receive with the Only Mail package.
Second Hand Sex Toys
Dollar Dildo Club
Pleasure Pantry 
Truck Boys
Porn Addicts Anonymous 
Booty Buddy
Panty Inhalers
Edible Undies

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