What up, WhatPrank! Chad and JT Go Deep Review


Have you ever felt such a comforting level of both stupid and stoke... look no further because Chad and JT Go Deep on Netflix is perfect. I come to you a year after its premiere, as a viewer and consumer I like to let shows marinade into the lexicon before I tackle it with my pen... that's not really true, I just didn't have this prank job last summer. I'm covering as many high quality prank content I can find and this show is up there with some of the greats. 

What makes a great prank? It's important to make sure the subjects of the pranking aren't the initial butt of the joke. What Chad and JT do is they take away the subject's fear of being dumb by acting dumb themselves... they play stupid in order to let others react. You can tell it's important to them that it's never in initial bad taste. These guys are activists aiming to help the public with lofty goals to address the mental health crisis of stokelessness. I find it admirable and hilarious. 

What works for them is their dedication to the political sphere while not having such an annoyingly radical stance. The intention is forever pure. At What Prank we remain politically agnostic, you can buy our Joe Biden Fan Club Mailer and send it to your conservative friends or you can buy our Donald Trump Fan Club Mailer and send it to your liberal friends... it's all to get a funny reaction and make light of the tense political climate. Chad and JT masterfully steer that climate with humor. 

They gained fame by attending town council meetings and getting their three minutes to discuss whatever they wanted to with local bureaucrats. I remember seeing these videos go viral throughout my time in college and admiring their commitment to the bit. They're Youtube channel deviates from most of these Youtube Pranksters because heart, soul, and purpose are all present... Dillon Panthers style agenda. I'm glad that they have found a home for these six super funny episodes on Netflix. Shout out to their commitment to the environment. The selling of recycled sex toys... we have a similar dedication to the environment. Send one to your best bud. whatprank.com/products/second-sex-toys-mail-prank 

I have been listening to these dude's podcast for the last week and it is so much fun. They've got some great individual content on their Youtube. Chad has a weekend update style recap on pop culture called Chad News Now and JT sits down with some highly intelligent professionals in the fields of science, philosophy, and religion called Deep Learning. Give them a follow. 

I look forward to many more projects from these guys, announce a season 2 Netflix. These two have successfully boosted my stoke.

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